5 DIY ideas to Update Your Stairs

5 DIY ideas to Update Your Stairs

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You can’t think how to update your dated staircase? We have 10 ideas how you can decorate your old stairs to have fantastic new feeling.  Don’t miss this cool opportunity.

1. Wallpaper


Paste wallpaper to the riser of each stair— switching up patterns makes it extra eye-catching.

2. Painted Stripes

2. Painted Stripes

Wonky painted stripes add color and character.

3. Books

4. Books

If you’re a seriously skilled painter, depict your favorite books on each step.

4. Nautical Rope Banister

6. Nautical Rope Banister

Use door knockers to secure the rope. Via Jonathan Adler (left) and Bockman + Forbes Design (right).

5. Staircase Decals

7. Staircase Decals