Applying finish ensures that they stay looking fresh. Wood end products makes them easier to wash, and protect your staircase from moisture harm and stains. Finishing stairs can be trickier than doing the exact same to cabinets or walls, because the way and in which you start, can impact the overall outcome.


Before beginning applying finish, be sure that the stairs are dry and clean. Sand all pieces such as nosings, of the stairs, treads, and borders is smooth. Sanding requires two to three steps, starting with sandpaper. Sanding with sandpaper will smooth away bumps and nicks in the timber in addition to eliminate any paint or finish. Follow it by trimming ends all edges and faces of the stair with sandpaper. There is A vacuum or tack cloth excellent for eliminating the dust from the wood’s pores.

Implementing polyurethane and stains from the point that is proper is very important to preventing drip marks and conducts . To get the best results, work to the bottom from the top of the staircase. Work on one tread at a time and be sure no one will have to use the stairs for many hours to allow time for the finish. If you are completing spindles and the balusters do these first, to prevent getting stain or finish in your stairs.


Often there is a conclusion sufficient to secure your staircase and bring out the beauty of the wood, but highlight the grain pattern or some homeowners may want to darken the timber. To determine whether darkening the wood will provide you the appearance you want, wet the wood in a small place. If it is not dark or the wood that is wetted does not give you the color you want, before incorporating a topcoat of clear finish you may want to stain your staircase. Following the test patch has dried, apply your conclusion that is clear to find out if the final result will be exactly what you hoped for. Like oak or ash if the timber is open-pored, move throughout the grain and then work the stain. Don’t allow the stain to puddle on the wood’s surface.

Your staircase are protected by A topcoat of clear finish from damage, moisture and stains. Clear polyurethane finishes can be found in oil-based or water formulas. Finishes are not as simple as formulas to clean up and require, but they are more easy to handle and provide you more time than polyurethanes. Polyurethane with foam or a bristle brush and let each coat to dry. Sand the staircase applying at least two. Don’t sand the last coat.


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