Staircase is usually the first thing you see when you enter a new  house. So the design of staircase is the main home feature and can create and feel positivity about home.

Whether you installing or replacing  staircase, or just want to jazz up an existing staircase with some colour, it’s worth thinking about how you and your family use it before you start as this may help you decide if it can work harder for you.

Design vs Budget Staircase

If money for you is not an object, you can go the whole hog and commission a striking glass staircase which is a great way to allow light to get to all floors in a dark house but requires a high level of maintenance. A spiral staircase is always arresting and a great way to gain access to upper levels in a tight space and are now available in all manner of materials and finishes.

Get Creative With Staircase

Perhaps the easiest way to make a statement with your staircase is to get creative with hallway wallpaper, paint and textiles.

Paint the risers in a descending or ascending rainbow of colours, stick on decorative tiles for instant impact, use wallpaper or old maps to add interest to each tread or paint the whole shebang in a favourite colour.

You could paint the spindles and bannister rail to suit your fancy and position wall stickers up the staircase walls or on the facing walls on each half landing. Whatever you decide to do, a revamped staircase will take centre stage and give you a boost every time you use it.

Above are some of the staircase design inspirations you can take. It’s not limited to just these designs and paintings. You can construct and design one of your own. Nothing beats original ideas so there’s always room for them.


There can be just so many staircase design ideas. Depending on the space available, resource and creativity of the carpenter, you can build one keep an indoor plant under the stairs.

Storage under the stairs is a common practice nowadays. You can either go for wooden staircase or the good old vintage steel staircase. There is also a floating staircase in case you wonder.


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