Rent to own homes is a new concept in the real estate industry. Many homeowners don’t know the details of leasing. It is an easy method of buying the home you want. A wide range of options is available from which the choice can be made. In the age of uncertainty, rent to own properties provides a much-needed sense of comfort and security.

What are Rent to Own Homes?

The traditional way of buying homes is through choosing a home, getting the funds, payment, and the house is yours. Loans are taken up to finance them. This is where rent to own homes come in, considering they don’t have to be funded immediately.

As the term suggests, homeowners can live in the house they want to buy until they have enough money. A pre-determined period is decided until the home is purchased.

Additional terms and conditions such as no maintenance until the home has been bought can be stated by the tenant in the contract. The agreement should be read appropriately before it is signed. There are two main leasing options available:

  1.   Lease- Option: Rent to own home contracts are often confused with other kinds of contracts. It is not uncommon to find people confused over them, but a simple Google search can solve all queries. A lease option is risky for the tenant as they cannot own the property once the contract ends. It is flexible for the potential homeowner.
  2.   Lease-Purchase: It is comparatively a less flexible option since the home has to be bought even if the renter does not like it. This type of contract benefits the leaser more.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Every real estate decision has pros and cons. Rent to buy properties are no exception. Homeowners who know exactly what they want will be ones who will benefit more than others. They would know the aspects which have to be avoided. We have created a list of benefits and potential drawbacks which you should be wary of.

Here are some advantages of going for rent to own homes:

  1.   You make the terms: Unlike most contracts, the agreements for these properties are made by consulting the seller and buyer. It is a contract based on mutual benefits. Hence, either of them is in a favourable position.
  2. No bank involved: The bank is not involved when buying a rent to own property since it is a contract between the buyer and seller only. This makes the process quick as no unnecessary paperwork is involved.

Every decision has a drawback, even in renting and buying a property.

  1.   Fewer Prospects: Most sellers are not willing to offer rent to own contracts. There are fewer chances of finding these types of homes compared to traditional method. Individuals will need to look for homes, which takes up a lot of time.
  2. Long-lasting: It seems like a good option for individuals who want to stop renting today. But in reality, the agreements last from one to three years. Hence it is not a short term contract.

These are some key aspects that need to be considered when buying a rent to own home. If you live in Albany, then consider Stop Renting Albany since they have a wide range of options to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q 1: How does rent to own home work for seller and buyer?

The process is relatively simple. All you need to do is find a property, negotiate the contract, Pay the Upfront fee, and pay rent and maintenance fees. All of these are mutually decided through consultations between the buyer and seller.

The details about fees should be critically analyzed if you want to stop renting today, as in some cases, the taxes and maintenance charged are comparatively high.

Q 2: How does rent-to-own work with bad credit?

There is no immediate or down payment required for renting to own homes. The contract is solely based on monthly rent being paid. Hence the buyer can quickly get a home based on the payment history and equity if the purchase price rises above the contract price.

Q 3: How does rent-to-own work in Albany?

A rent-to-own contract pays rent every day, but a part of it goes towards the final price. In Albany, you can pay the rent like monthly installments of your future home, you can unconventionally buy the house.


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