Imagine a life without electricity. It’s hard to do because today homes and businesses rely on it for almost everything. From lights and air conditioning to cell phones and computers, electricity keeps people connected, productive, entertained — even warm and safe.

However, when not handled properly, electricity can also bring danger to your family and home. One of the most common electrical hazards present in homes is faulty wiring. Continue reading to learn more about the top wiring hazards you should look out for in your home.

Old wiring

Having old wiring in your home can be dangerous. Old wiring is the cause of over 15,000 house fires each year which leave 2,300 people with injuries. When old wiring connects to a power source, there is a greater chance that it acts as a conductor for an electrical fire.

Homes with faulty or damaged wiring are also more likely to burn through their insurance limits before the fire can be put out. Having your home’s wiring replaced with new wiring is an inexpensive way to save yourself from a devastating loss while minimizing the damage to you and your family.

Worn or damaged insulation

Most wires in your home suffer from fraying insulation at some time. This is a potentially dangerous situation as the wire strands are exposed, and will eventually break, presenting a shock hazard to anyone who comes into contact with them.

When you see a wire with visible insulation damage, it’s time for a trip to the hardware store. It’s not particularly expensive, and you can easily do it yourself. You’ll need a replacement length of insulating sheathing and some wire nuts.

Burned or overheated wiring

Burned or overheated wiring is one of the most common household hazards. It doesn’t take much to overheat your home wiring, especially when you have long extension cords or other faulty wiring. Overheated wires can start fires and do serious damage to the interior of your home, not to mention to the homes of your neighbors.

Due to the overwhelming number of fires caused by overheated or burned-out receptacle wiring, it is important to inspect and replace when necessary. Many state and local ordinances require periodic inspection and replacement of receptacle wiring.

Uncovered junction boxes

Junction boxes are the heart of your home electrical system. They distribute electricity to all areas, including your microwave, stove, lights, and kitchen appliances. Covering your electrical junction boxes with the proper protective covers reduces exposure of children to the shock hazard posed by live electrical devices.

Hire a professional electrical repair St. Paul

If a power outage or electrical problem strikes and you’re not sure what to do, do not hesitate to call the pros! Take advantage of emergency electrical service available 24/7 in your local area. Avoid troubleshooting electrical problems on your own. When your home requires an electrical repair, you want it fixed by the best. Leave the job to a licensed, skilled, and experienced electrical contractor. Get quality consultations and estimates when you talk to the pros today!



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