Building a forever home can be a challenge! Everyone knows that today we can choose from a variety of different ideas, materials and solutions and all we want to achieve is a stylish house that is functioning the way we want. Talking about home design we have to admit, that trends are changing really fast so we have to take it into consideration when making important decisions. One of the most common questions that people face while building a house – staircase design. We have so many options and ideas that it is really hard to make a decision and be sure that it goes along with the trends. Knowing that we want to introduce you to staircase trends for 2017!

One trend, that has been going on in 2016 is here to stay. And it is curved staircases. This look goes perfectly with modern and classic design interior, so you can be sure that this design is the best choice. Of course, curved staircases need a lot of space and not everyone has it. Still, if you have an opportunity – use it!


Another thing that will look beautiful and won’t go out of style soon – matching black and white. This style staircases is here to stay so you can be sure that it is a right decision. This monochromatic look is a perfect way to add character without bright colors, that can soon become annoying.


These two trends are modern but still on a classic side, so now some inspiration for more modern looks. If you want to save space and create modern design, staircase with glass elements is a perfect way to do it. It looks really elegant and weightless so for smaller spaces there is no better choice.


And finally – staircase with a storage! This might seem an option for smaller houses but don’t be so sure. The fact is that these type of staircases look really stylish and adds that home feeling to a place. Everyone of us want to feel comfortable at  home ant this trick will help you to achieve it.


So these are the main trends and ideas for 2017. If you want to build a house with a character – use them and you won’t regret it. Let us know what you think about these staircase ideas and share you’re thoughts in the comment section down below!



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