No matter how busy you are, you should always find some time to keep in shape. There are thousands of ways to achieve that, but lots of people forget that they could use something that is all around them – the stairs. There are many benefits of using them as your exercise tool, and best of all, they are recommended to everyone.

Stairs as a Means to Keep in Shape

Going up and down the stairs is not hard on your feet or hips, so if you are overweight or have issues with joint, you can still be involved.

What climbing the stairs does to your body is not only helping you lose weight but also improves your bones, muscles structure, and cardiovascular health.

Of course, your legs will get much stronger this way. Still, the biggest benefit will be your cardiovascular health. If you do stair climbing workouts or regular basis, you’ll drastically reduce chances of heart attacks, high blood pressure, or even strokes.

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We don’t have to tell you that your legs will get toned if you dedicate time to stair climbing, but this workout is among the best for your entire lower body. That includes glutes, calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps.

Do you want to have a perfectly shaped butt? This is the kind of exercise you need! When you comfortable, try to take two steps at a time, as that will push you even harder. Still, don’t overdo it!

Stair Climbing as Weight Control

Stair climbing is an effective way to control your weight and bring it down. If you weight around 160 pounds, 30 minutes of stair climbing will burn around 200 calories. That is another reason to skip elevators and go up the stairs whenever you can. The energy you spend that way might surprise you, and after a few weeks, you’ll feel it in your body.

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You probably knew that star climbing would get you in shape, but did you know that it also helps your bones? As we get older, our bone density begins to drop down and may even lead to osteoporosis, when bones get weak and are easy to fracture. When you climb the stairs, your lower body has to work hard to support your weight, and because of that, bone-building cells are also active. So instead of just sitting and looking for useless pictures on Snapchat, do something that will benefit your body.

It’s important to know that it’s not all about running up and down the stairs. You can also step up sideways to work on your hips, or you can perform lunges when your feet are staggered two steps apart. You can also do pushups and tone your arms, so don’t look at stairs like a tool that will help only your legs.

Consult a Fitness Expert or a Physiotherapist

Of course, use common sense. If you have a heart condition, check with your doctor first. While it’s perfectly ok to use your free time to relax and browse through Instagram, you can always do something useful and good for your body!


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